Pretty in Provence: Almond Green & Rose Pink

I have to confess I am just not an autumn colors girl. There, I said it. Black & orange, black & brown, burnt orange & brown, rust & olive. Not only do I have crunchy dark autumn to deal with, but now Halloween is upon us with its very restricted palette:)

Which brings me to this lovely respite at Campagne Francaise: could there be a lighter, lovelier, springier or more feminine interpretation of our beloved Provencal* style than this? Are you with me?

like a watercolor, this living room is ready for teatime
thanks to the Holy Trinity of Fabric Designers:
linen curtains: Pierre Frey , chairs in Manuel Canovas,

dining room bathed in sunlight; Pierre Frey linen at the windows,
table found at the flea market at l'Isle sur la Sorgue then covered
with a sheet of zinc (love it!!)

soft and intimate atmosphere created by grey tones with white
and brightened with raspberry. upholstery by Pacific Compagnie

a little theatrical vignette of a screen
and a lampshade which
evoke the spirit of Venice and the 18th C.

love this original fireplace from the 30's in chinoiserie style;
Japanese tea cloth on the wall, Asian lamps with lavender shades and raku,
and that black chair against the almond green..fabulous!

love this inviting sleeping alcove with headboard and
curtains in Manual Canovas fabrics


all these gorgeous photos by
Stephen Clement

* this beautiful home is on the
northern coast of France, in Honfleur

selected fabrics to love from

by Kit Golson
Chic Provence Design!


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