A Wander Through The Ferry Building Marketplace

When I dropped my dear friends visiting from Texas off at the Alcatraz tour boat launch I headed out for a slow walk along the San Francisco waterfront to wait for them. I had no particular plan in mind as I ambled down the Embarcadero. The sun was shining, there was a gentle warm breeze blowing and the atmosphere outside was happy and festive with street markets and Peter Pan playing in the big tent. Feeling a bit aimless, I strolled happily.

Then I looked up and found I was at the Ferry Building Marketplace. Walking inside I was riveted by the sheer sensuality of so many local purveyors with their permanent stalls set up to sell perfectly delectable eatables, kitchen and dining wares, antiques, gardening tools, books; and incredible spots to have coffee, lunch or dinner along the way. The sensual feast awakened my inner shopper*grazer and I found myself swept along with the milling crowd, more delighted at each stop along the way.

Visiting The Ferry Building always gives me the same feeling I have when visiting the covered Paris flea markets: an exciting sense of discovery, of surprise and wonder; the hustle and bustle of so many people and so many purveyors could be along a medieval street scene on market day. Modernized. Glammed up. And very chic!

I hope you will join me next time!

the dining area of Boulettes Larder, the
place to eat when you to be around people;
the restaurant seats 24 inside
and a handful of tables outside

industrial chic meets French kitchen

the immediacy of the kitchen means you can watch all
these busy chefs preparing your meal at close range

the kitchen takes up the
largest part of the dining room, is a visual feast
in itself and gives you the wonderful feeling of
being in your French grandmother's kitchen

the charming sign

Belgian linen napkins to buy at
Boulettes Larder


this antique kitchen implement is
a pleasing graphic work in
wrought iron (not sure of it's function..
anyone know?)

charming marble fireplace could be
found anywhere in Provence

old French farm cart


the store is a celebration of the garden and home

charming fish print tablecloth

gardening gloves all the way down to
little kids' sizes

provençal tablecloth


the delectable sweets tempt all passersby!



Along The Embarcadero
San Francisco


{from Kit!}


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