Now *This* is Chic {Provence}

The very cool mother-daughter team of Appley and Zoe Hoare perfectly articulated the Chic Provence look in the 18th century old wine and eau de vie factory they recently finished restoring in the south of France.

And why shouldn't they? The Pimlico Road, London antiquaires have been dealing in French country furniture for over 15 years and have created a perfectly rustic, elegant vacation home in Provence (don't we all want that feeling in our own homes..a sense that we are on vacation from the workaday world?)

Come take a peek inside La Bastide, The Gard, France. Shall we rendez-vous there?

artichokes and lemons on a zinc-topped table..
says "vacation" to me!

I love this room: the long, low cabinet looks like it's from
salvaged wood; the breeze gently lifts the gossamer draperies
I love the spare and lean aesthetic

how would you like to have your (10) friends over for
a lovely supper in your kitchen?

limestone everywhere, and accented with the sharp
spring green of the pears and candles

can you see yourself, your family and friends all gathered round
this magnificent coffee table talking about the day's adventures
and playing a round of gin rummy?

a soothing, romantic retreat after sunny days exploring the
Roman ruins of Provence..or perhaps hiking by the sea

the off-handedly chic arrangement of rustic
items with a gilt Directoire mirrors is
simple and elegant

l'heure des aperitifs..un Bandol, with buttered radishes and olives?

an old iron gueridon and an armoire are perfectly spare and curved
and a great foil for the collection of pith helmets and straw hat

all photos from La Bastide website


featured in Josephine Ryan's latest book


Appley Hoare Antiques


in 2010, it's:

Kit Golson Design

for elegant, sustainable and pragmatic

Chic Provence Interior Design


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