La Tendance Bleu-Vert

These luscious jugs and pots dipped in blue, green, turquoise, mint and pistachio paints are making me long for the summer days and sunshine of Provence (it's still raining and grey in San Francisco! Summer, where are you?) As I sit at my desk wrapped in a scarf and dressed in all black layers and Merrill boots to chase the chill away from our grey day, these images give me a little hope for sunnier days!

Enjoy a little soothing color break...these colors are very easy on the eyes!

all jugs, pots and paints at Coté Maison


Then seeing all these wonderful hot weather blues and greens in Catherine André's Summer 2011 collection made me realize that, yes, blue-green is definitely hot this summer, in France, anyway!

all clothing and accessories Catherine André


So of course I checked out the fabrics by Pierre Frey, just to be sure...and yes, lots of blue and green in fabrics and wallpapers to be found.

all fabrics by Pierre Frey


thanks for visiting! ... Kit


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