If I were getting married this fall (I'm not!), I think it would be very cool to have chosen today..October 10, 2010 for my Big Day. How cool is that, and how easy will it be to remember your anniversary, say, 23 years from now..10*10*10 is a brilliant date for a wedding!

Last night at a rehearsal dinner for 175 at a winery in Sonoma County, the happiness in the air was palpable, and why not? such a joyful occasion in such a warm and elegant setting...pure magic. And the weather? A perfect autumn day.

a old wooden bowl with olive branches

a convivial autumnal gathering

wine glasses waiting to be filled!

the wood-fired pizza oven ready to make a
hundred pizzas!

the line up!

beautiful gurgling fountain as a background
to Frank Sinatra music playing

figs just ripe for picking

the children playing boules for hours!

the littlest petanque player likes to throw the ball!

les boules artfully arranged themselves!

apples the color of autumn

the winery fence with tops shaped like wine bottles!


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