The Gorgeous Reclaimed Floors of Chic Provence

If you are building a new home, or remodeling one, you have the perfect opportunity to create authentic Provencal ambience from the ground up (lucky you!). No, you do not have to settle for wood floors that merely look old and distressed, or tiles that try to capture the patina of hundreds of years of life.

You will be doing your part to go green, too, by using reclaimed flooring instead of wasting energy creating new. And the charm and elegance of these venerable old floors is undisputed.

antique French oak floorboards imprinted with
character from hundreds of years of use
reclaimed planks 6" 11" wide and 98" long

antique parquet de Versailles unfinished,
reclaimed from chateaux and farm houses
in Europe

antique French terra cotta floor tiles reclaimed
from Provence, each reflecting the color of
the region where made

18th & 19th C. reclaimed tomettes, or hexagonal tiles, named in honor of l'Hexe
(France herself looks like a hexagon on a map)

cut limestone floors

antique handmade terra cotta tiles are
charming and utterly practical

these very rustic antique handmade tiles are the perfect foil for
the elegant furniture and draperies

reclaimed flooring and
other architectural material at:



in the new year, it's:

Kit Golson Design

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Chic Provence Interior Design


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