Christmas Decorating: I'm Thinking Ruby Red Grapefruit

Every Christmas presents to me an irresistible new opportunity to create, decorate and design for all our family and friends' gatherings and celebrations. This year, keeping things simpler and slightly more recessionista-friendly, I looked around my home for inspiration from things I see in everyday life.

I see citrus: grapefruit (both the outside golden with a blush of coral, and the inside deep ruby red), oranges, the citron green of my draperies. I see silver, gold and stars. An orange tree outside (ok, I live in California).

That's it! I have my inspiration, now down to work. Ollie, thrilled to have me puttering around the house all day Sunday, keeps a watchful eye on me!

The (potted) tree is inside and ready for lights and decorations. I spent 4 hours polishing silver (I'm a Southern Girl after all!), I found my citrus-y accent pieces, votives in great ruby color, and the perfect shade of poinsettias (chez Home Depot!). I even practiced making some lemon petit fours for the holidays (that caterer-daughter of mine sets the bar pretty high)!

So we are getting there! We are excited we have near- and far-flung family coming to visit and stay with us over Christmas, and we will be seeing lots of friends we haven't seen much this year. I still have a lot of decorating, cooking, gift-wrapping and merrymaking to do...stay tuned and I will show you as the tree gets done, the decorations up, the parties created!

A la prochaine!



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