Au Nom de la Rose Gâteau!

Perhaps you have something extra-special to celebrate this Christmas season (an anniversary, birthday, wedding, baptism?). This incredible rose-covered gâteau would be a stunning centerpiece for your magical fête. What on earth could be more appealing than fresh roses tiered with ladyfingers all tied up with a shiny ribbon?

The best part is that this showstopper is not difficult to make. Really.

Au Nom de la Rose, the fabled shop on Rue du Bac in Paris, has provided us with a quick little instructional video, below. Yes it is in French, but just take a look at how simple this is to construct. Hey, you could make a couple of them, non? :) If you do, you MUST send me pictures!

And, non, cherie, you may not actually eat this confection! It is a feast for the eyes and nose only!

this looks almost impossibly beautiful, non? perfect
for a rustic-chic celebration as well as something
more elegant... and you could use different colored
roses & ribbon combinations, bien sûr!

a singularly lovely rose

masses of roses

the storefront on rue du Bac, Paris

a basket casually dripping with roses, luscious!

as you can see, the ladyfingers are held
onto the form with rubber bands that
mademoiselle has tied together then
covered with a wide ribbon

won't your family and friends just
be floored when they see your masterpiece?

46 rue du Bac, 7e, Paris

see the short, brilliant video here


thanks for visiting! Kit


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