l'âne bleu Brings a Smile :)

If you use color, pattern, shape and texture in unexpected ways you will create an element of surprise and delight in your interiors. Caravane, available at l'âne bleu... l'Art de Vivre au Sud in Marseilles, has put together an irresistible collection of pieces that are at once young at heart and sophisticated a la one.

Their cheeky, playful designs will always bring a smile, and what could be better for the spirit?

a fantastic rendition of a kilim-covered fauteuil
would lighten the mood of any room a
few notches!

this is my favorite color of blue; and I love the
pearly round shapes on the wall

the sculptural shape, light feel and
gorgeous color make this canapé
a star!


merci pour la visite! .. Kit


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