A Little Southern Beach Cottage...

...would be a lot fun right about now... a tall icy drink, palm trees swaying in the breeze, the screened-in sleeping porch, laughter and dogs barking in the distance... these are the things of the endless summers of my childhood. Although our cottage wasn't quite this adorable, it was the real thing... wooden cottage on stilts set back in the dunes in the palmettos at Indian Pass Beach on the Gulf Coast, with a wooden walkway leading to the front screened porch. With the sun hot overhead, as children we were not allowed outside between 10 am and 3 pm, so my four brothers and I played endless games of monopoly and cards, built forts and put on plays and art shows.

Those summer vacations are now more a state of mind than anything else. Wanna come play?

colorful vintage beach pails

pale seafoam breadboard walls trimmed in
white are the quintessential beach look

simple shelves made from found beach wood

cooling blues and whites among the mossy beach oaks

Fifi Flowers painted this very cottage; you can
buy this at her etsy shop here!

painted floor screened porch with colorful rattan furniture
is charming; the porch ceiling is painted blue to scare
away the spirits... of course!

the adorable cottage above is
one of the Mermaid Cottages on
Tybee Island, Georgia, near

Savannah where my dear

cousin Claire lives and

my mother was born

halfway between
Saint Vincent Island
and Cape San Blas
lies Indian Pass Beach
where we spent long
summer vacations

the incomparable white powdery sand of my
childhood summers on the Gulf Coast

St. George Island


Thanks for visiting!..... Kit


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