Un petit Cadeau from Hermes... No Really, You CAN Afford This!

Is anyone else just a "little" busy this week? Would you like to waste a little time right now, my friend?

I haven't posted in ages, and now here I am taking screenshots from the Hermes site and pushing you there. I spent precious Christmas prep time whiling away at these cool, fun, incredibly inventive and creative games on the Hermes site, and now you can too!

Like to play the slots? You can here. Like to put together jigsaw puzzles? Do it at Hermes, online. Want to do some seriously fun coloring in a sophisticated colorbook? Look no further. How about a real time-elapsed peek at a shopping day in the fabled shop in Paris?

Affordable (bien sur, it's free!) Hermes! You need a break, now! Oh, and please send me your pages from your coloring book when you're done, I'd love to magnet them on the refrigerator door!

it's playtime!

clicking on "Surprises" takes you to this screen; it's a little bit
like the iPhone, no instructions, just explore and have fun!
go ahead, you've got the time :)


play the slot machine!


the tres sophisticated coloring book ... color online
to your heart's content then print out your masterpiece!

a spread from the coloring book before I began to color!

on my way to true masterpiece... your kids will also LOVE this!

in mere moments I was on my way!


le Jigsaw puzzle, not so easy!


go here now, see the Parisians shopping ... really shopping!

this starts out as b & w line drawing and the design
is created before your very astonished eyes! c'est magique!

the little winged guy of Hermes

spying one of these boxes under the tree always
quickens the pulse a wee bit, non?


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