Delighted to Find {myself in} Selvedge Magazine!

"The Fabric of Your Life: Textiles in Fashion, Fine Art, Interiors, Travel and Shopping"... reads the Selvedge magazine byline. To be perfectly honest, I didn't even know about this gorgeous print magazine before Kate Cavendish contacted me for an article she was writing about Pascale Palun.

Now, I am so delighted with the writing, the hip graphics and photography, the depth and breadth of the coverage that I've subscribed to the online edition. Dancing just on the edge of "scholarly", this magazine is a rich resource for the history of all things textile, and delights the intellect while it captivates the eye.

Like most interior designers, I adore fabric. It's fascinating how Selvedge celebrates the close ties between fabric and women's lives, across time and many cultures. Selvedge captures that elemental connection and had me from the first page!

these servants's costumes in Russian Ballet, 1920's under the
artistic direction of Serge Diaghliev,
inspired the designer Paul Poirot, whose contributions
to 20th C. fashion have been likened to Picasso's
contributions to 20th c. art

backdrop for Russian Ballet in the 1920's

fragments from costumes from the heyday of Russian Ballet;
restoration has been made of these costumes,
some of which were designed
by Henri Matisse, who had a lifelong fascination with fabric


this very happy interior designer-turned-fabric-and-
accessories-designer is profiled in Selvedge


an innovative, to say the least, treatment of the
familiar Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman
beloved by virtually every interior designer I
have ever known, including myself!


Selvedge reviews books such as this one published by
the Victoria and Albert Museum... and now
on my Christmas list!


lovely graphics illustrating a story about
the Twelve Days of Christmas


the cover of the current issue of Selvedge magazine,
published in Britain; you can see the quote by
me on page 45 included in Kate Cavendish's lovely
article about Pascal Palun


Be absolutely certain that you enter the
fora chance to win an
incredible silk filament filled duvet!


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