Tres Chic Provence in Greenwich, Connecticut

If you are very lucky you will find yourself catching up with wonderful old friends enjoying un petit dejeuner at the lyrical l'Escale on the water in Greenwich on a beautiful early summer's day. The food is Provencale..I had delicious eggs with trufffles..but for me the real feast was visual.

Impeccably designed and perfectly executed, the restaurant features old reclaimed floor tiles and a limestone fireplace salvaged in France and brought over here. The wire chandeliers are artlessly elegant (more on those in another post coming soon!) and the soft palette..beige, cream, white, dusty blue.. creates an inviting and very chic place to linger over un cafe.

That's exactly what we did. Come join us!

gorgeous reclaimed French tile floors

a shimmering, elegant take on the hip French country look

the darkened entryway with dusky blues, distressed
painted pieces and those wonderful stripes

glass front cabinets, crystals on the wire
chandelier, and sparkling tableware perfectly
suit the subdued elegance of linen, white and terra cotta

ready for your enjoyment, a simply set round
table is quintessentially Chic Provencale

blue and white stripes on the ceiling of the
entryway lend an air of "vacance" and relaxation
immediately upon entering

massive limestone fireplace brought over
from France presides perfectly over the
charming, welcoming "salle a manger"

the requisite Louis XIV linen upholstered settee
in the blue-striped reception area welcomes

(all photos from my iPhone)

"le poisson du jour" perhaps, Madame?

500 Steamboat Road
Greenwich, CT



Kit Golson Design

for elegant, sustainable and pragmatic

Chic Provence Interior Design


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