Flowers of Sayulita

"Interior by an Open Window" by Raoul Dufy

Staying by the sea at Casa Gala in Sayulita, Mexico I loved the tropical flowers growing wild in our courtyard. Now I'm not a painter, but there were some painting supplies around, so I tried painting a few in acrylics. I don't think Raoul Dufy needs to run scared or anything, but they're kind of you think?

I know, I know, I won't quit my day job! But this week I'm so busy I thought I would share my little paintings with you to let you know I'm still here...and very grateful that you are reading this! Un petit cadeau!

not sure the name of this beauty
by moi
ginger flower by moi

blue tropical flower
by moi

"Anemones" by Dufy

I love his signature, so strong and graphic


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