Would You Rather Float Down the Nile, or Do the Spring Cleaning?

It feels like I've been buried in that necessary ritual of spring cleaning: sorting, editing, tossing, donating, painting. I'm just a little..weary of it, on the brink of the lovely days that aren't quite here yet. Maybe I'm daydreaming a bit while I pile things to donate to charity and paint the closets. How would you like a refreshing change right about now?

What if you found yourself floating gently down the Nile River, in a houseboat as luxuriously appointed as any fine hotel, but with a continually changing view outside your window or from your floating veranda? A comfortable sitting room, a balcony deck, a shower that rained gently down on your weary shoulders, melting away the stresses of the day.

floating down the Nile on the bateau Nourelnil
past palm trees, camels, birds, people going about their daily lives

What if visiting Egypt inspired you to research the ancient Egyptian motifs that Napoleon brought into style when he returned triumphantly from his conquest of Egypt, ushering in the Empire style in early 19th Century France?

portrait of Napoleon on his throne

Empire Chest ca. 1806, France

Napoleon's Egyptian Sevres dinner service, 1806

Empire tripod table with griphons

Egyptian column designs, including the Palmiform, lower left

Egyptian sailing vessels

ancient Egyptian fauteuils

Egyptian design motifs and colors

What if you looked closely at the colors the ancient Egyptians used in decorating walls, floors, art objects and furniture in their sunny climate thousands of years ago, and were surprised to realize they are the same palette found in the Art Deco/Moderne era?

If you get really inspired by your trip down the Nile, you could go to this YouTube video and learn how to get the Cleopatra eyes look for yourself!

Which reminds me, it's time I got back to that spring cleaning and seriously edited the makeup drawer :)


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