The Knees Go Weak at Emery & Cie

For certain designers, this is the stuff of dreams. A palette derived from (mostly) analogous colors, painted floors, nothing too perfectly "done". Exquisite silk and wool materials. Interesting shapes and juxtapositions. Lots of empty space. Mirrored glass and ceramics. Gorgeous lighting. Metals done tastefully. Decorative elements that draw on the classics but are interpreted in very modern way.

Welcome to the sheer genius that is Emery & Cie.

Or rather, go to Paris or Brussels, and walk into their storefronts. I'm told it's a lot like the trip through the Looking Glass that Alice took. You can get this look here in America, but you will need a designer (THAT would be me!) to help you.

Founded by the eccentric and brilliant architect Agnes Emery, Emery & Cie is the darling of the European design world. Their product line is extensive: paints, fine cloth, furniture, fabrics, rugs, tableware, tiles, lighting, ironmongery and wallpaper..and all utterly delightful.

And while a visit to her store is said to be an adventure, a visit to her website will also do nicely. Don't miss it! We'll see you on the other side!

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visit and enjoy!


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