Back to My Living Room: Color + Fabric

citron media cabinet and coral mohair sofa

I am "backing into" designing my living room, because I found the mohair of my dreams at a great price. So the coral mohair is  driving the design around which everything else in the living room will be chosen. 

I chose the citron media cabinet as a complimentary color for the coral, and to inject a modern/luxe feeling to the fusty old room. I also found fabulous fabric in lemongrass for the windows. 

Next: choose fabrics for pillows + ottoman + small chair. This fabric will be used sparingly, so I want to really give it a punch. 

drapery fabric               new upholstery fabric?
lemongrass trevira for windows and a paisly I found

I love this trevira cs fabric, on the left above, for the windows. It is an amazing color! I loved it even before Michele Obama wore it on Inauguration Day. It's a synthetic, but looks and feels like silk. It's even washable, and is used for commercial spaces, which means it should wear well in my hard-used living room.  And it, too, is flame resistant. 

So now to choose another fabric to use for pillows, a small chair, an ottoman. I kind of like the paisley above right, but decided against it because the background has too much yellow, and the fabric, almost a taffeta,  was a little too dressy for this room.

        drapery fabric               another choice for upholstery?
the trevira with a coarser flowered fabric

This fabric above right intrigued me because I love large florals and the colors sing! It priced way too high for my budget, however, and I did have some reservations about the loose, linen-y weave. Ollie, my dog, would have it in shreds in no time.  And it looked a bit too granola for me. 

drapery fabric                I chose this one!
the windows fabric and the perfect complement

Finally, I found it. The perfect balance between colors coral and citron, and in an overall modern floral pattern that is vibrant and energizing! It is also a very tightly woven jacquard fabric, with a bit of sheen, so it will wear perfectly, and will add just the right amount of glamour to the room. 

What do you think?


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