Happy Summer to the Northern Hemisphere :)

If there is one tiny thing I miss about Provence, it's this wonderful beverage.. Schweppes Agrum'. LOVE it!! can't get it here in America... so far my search has yielded nada. Can you not tell just by looking at this bottle that it is very delicious, a little bitter, a little citrusy and altogether refreshingly thirst quenching? To say nothing of how beautiful their ad campaign is!

Here then is the perfect pairing for hot summer lunch: Chilled Shrimp Salad (below) and ice cold Schweppes Agrum' (I wish!)

Just for the record, this is no lame shrimp salad recipe.. it contains both watermelon and heirloom tomatoes just for starters. It is fab*u*lous! Enjoy!

done up in this ad campaign like Our Lady, this drink is
so popular it turns out it has

its own Facebook page... and I am a fan!

also very delicious

a little mocktail from their ad campaign..
so adorably delicious looking!

ridiculously delicious shrimp salad contains watermelon,
hierloom tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, feta
and is the perfect summer luncheon treat!

recipe here

Happy First Day of Summer to the
Northern Hemisphere!

(it's about time!)



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