Wish. Me. Luck. :)

This week could hardly be more complicated... or exciting! Next Saturday is my daughter Lisa's wedding! And Friday, the rehearsal dinner is chez nous, in the garden. If you read my last post, you know that the pool failed a few weeks ago, which triggered a complete re-do of the entire backyard. Here we are six days out, and it looks like this:

I thought the guys left their things arranged very
nicely into a kind of "Still Life with Mortar" arrangement!

once not too long ago this was my little
"potager", or kitchen garden, planted with
herbs such as chocolate mint and lemongrass!

But we must keep a sense of wonder and humor about all this... what else can we do? At least the garden, traumatized though it is as it watches the horrors unfold before it's very eyes, is obliging with blooms in spite of being covered with stone dust and being trampled by large boots!

the dahlias are darling

the fuchsia is flourishing

the wisteria is waiting

the montbrescia is marvelous
(if a little dusty!)

I'll certainly be very busy for a few more days now... and will post beautiful photos after the miraculous transformation is completed!


thanks for visiting!... Kit


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