The Kissing Dilemma in France :) Explained

You can only imagine the fluster the uninitiated among us might feel on Valentine's Day in France...where kissing is already confusing!

A French couple kissing

is this one of those "air" kisses?

Whom do you kiss, and where? on the lips? the cheek? cheeks? hand? The opportunities for embarrassment are many. Here, then, is your guide to just how many kisses are expected depending on who the kisser and the kissee are, their ages, sex and social status, and finally, just where you are located in France.

The map is color-keyed to give the proper number of kisses depending on the departmente you are visiting, in order to avoid acute humiliation! The links will give you much more in-depth guidance to navigating these social waters in le Hexe!

French friends and readers, please feel free to weigh in with advice!!

then there's the Chinese girl who wanted to kiss 100 men in Paris,
and did on her blog
(where she got 220,000 hits in one day!)

sources: Frogsmoke, The Times Online


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