Kreativ Blogger Award

I'm delighted to be given the Kreativ Blogger Award by Terri at The Countrypolitan. Her gorgeous and sophisticated blog is about the fusion of rustic elegance and cosmopolitan styles..which I love! Many thanks for this honor and for placing me in the company of my fellow bloggers of distinction!

As part of the award, I am asked to reveal 7 things about here goes:

1. I think I can sing, but I really can't. I want to be Whitney Houston or Etta James or Edith Piaf, or even Willy Nelson (ha!).
2. I adore the sea (a psychic once told me I was a sea captain in a past life!) I love walking by the sea with my husband and dog Ollie as often as we can make it over to Half Moon Bay.
3. I have floated..literally!.. in mid-air more times than I care to remember (I worked for NASA). Ask me sometime just how it made me feel!
4. I adore flea marketing, designing, shopping, traveling with my amazing daughter Lisa!
5. I love old French linen fabric that I can use & wash in the machine 'til it's soft as velvet.
6. Sometimes I dream in French, preferably Southern French!
7. I get verrrry cranky if I don't do something creative every day.


The wonderful blogs I pass The Kreativ Blogger Award to:

1. The Provence Post : Julie is the go-to source for happenings in my favorite place on earth

2. Decor de Provence : perfectly captures the essence of the Provence life I love

3. Oliveaux : stunning inspiration for design

4. Fabulously French : where you can browse and buy old Provencal things

5. Hidden in France : Corrine is an incredible writer with an eye for whimsy

6. The Brocantess : wonderful spirit and images

7. Visual Vamp : Valorie is vastly gorgeous and entertaining

8. Annechovie : I can't get enough of her beautiful watercolors

Be sure to check out all these great blogs!


in the New Year, it's:

Kit Golson Design

for elegant, sustainable and pragmatic

Chic Provence Interior Design


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