Tadelakt: "Hard as Stone and Soft as Silk"

The first time I saw tadelakt was in St. Tropez, France, several years ago. I was immediately transfixed by the pearlescent, translucent, hand-rubbed-all-the-way-to-glossy, impervious-to-water finish. I had never seen anything like it before, and rarely have since. I had stumbled upon one of the oldest and most treasured plaster finishes in the world. The art of tadelakt is 4,000 years old, and comes from Morocco.

Designers in France are using it today for its silky texture and indescribable patina, which are unmatched by any other plaster finish available. It is absolutely stunning.

Tadelakt functions extremely well in wet areas and can form a seamless, monolithic finish to back splashes, countertops and sinks in kitchen, bathroom, shower and powder room areas. Made from natural hydraulic lime, quartz and marble powder, tadelakt is white in color and can be pigmented using natural earth pigments.

The tadelakt process is deceptively simple. A natural powder paste is applied to the surface, then polished with a smooth stone. This is repeated seven times. Finally, the surface is sealed by rubbing with a black olive oil soap.

To fully appreciate it's allure, it is said that you have to caress it. I couldn't agree more!

Satiny Coral Tadelakt Finish on
Integrated Shelves in
French Kitchen

A Parisian Salle de Bain Finished in
Black and Taupe Tadelakt

Tadelakt Taupe Walls in
Parisian Salle de Bain

Tadelakt Taupe Walls in
Parisian Water Closet

Charcoal Grey Integral Tadelakt Bathtub in
Parisian Bathroom

Tadelakt Red Shower Walls in
Chic Provencal Salle de Bain

Tadelakt Red Sculptural Bowl in
Provence, France

Creme Tadelakt Walls in Parisian Salle de Bain

Gorgeous Tadelakt
Parisian Salle de Bain

Beautiful Tadelakt Red and Gold Backsplash and
Integral Sink in Provence, France

Tadelakt Grey Countertops and
Shelves in Parisian Kitchen

Tadelakt Backsplash, Countertop and Integral Sink in
Provence, France

Tadelakt plaster finish would be gorgeous and luxurious in our American homes. I can see it working beautifully in chic Napa and Sonoma wine country homes.

If you have seen tadelakt installed here, I would love to see pictures!


Photos Courtesy of Traditions du Maroc
and Maroc Design in
Paris and Avignon, France


for elegant, sustainable and pragmatic
Chic Provence Interior Design


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